Oversaturated blue (Panasonic DMC-TZ101)

I am quite new to developing pictures from raw. So far, I’m enjoying it. But I’m having troubles with this picture where a projector shows a blue image. The blue is completely messed-up.

RT default:

DT default (I haven’t used DT before, just to test this issue):

Whereas the camera itself is able to develop it nicely:

I found this older thread: Blue color vs. over exposure . The only suggested solution is to use “no color profile”, which is discouraged by another user. It does change the other colours and tint in the picture, so it requires changing the white balance a lot.

Here is the result with no profile:

Another way, I found, is to desaturate the blue colours with the HSV equaliser. Although the noise goes away, other blue regions may be too grey now…

Desaturated blue:

Any other tips? I have attached the raw. The picture is not very interesting, but I would like to know how to deal with such an issue.P1000705.RW2 (22.6 MB)

I have also had this problem with highly saturated blue colours with a Panasonic camera. I found the problem goes away if you use the Adobe dcp profile for your camera in Rawtherapee. (Can explain if you are not sure how to do this but slightly lengthy) The other option is to tweak the values in channel mixer.

Thanks for the reply! I didn’t dive into the color profile thing, because RT 5.7 crashed when I pressed the “load DCP profile” button. I’ve upgraded to RT 5.8 (released only a few days ago) and got the DCP files from the Adobe tool.

Now I get this! Much better. I didn’t know the color profile was so important! The option is quite hidden from the interface…

Thanks again!

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Glad it worked!