Packaging CTL scripts distro wide

It feels a bit silly that users always have to manually install scripts into their home and keep them up2date there. I mean it is nice that they have the option, but why not make it more comfortable for them. So I asked @agriggio where we could put system wide scripts

The answer is: $prefix/share/ART/ctlscripts

He even added a tag into the art-ctlscripts repository.

So if you are packaging ART for a distro I would encourage you to also package the scripts and subscribe to the repository to be notified about new tags/releases.

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I forgot to mention there is a new release of ART too :wink:


we will soon have the package officially available on Tumbleweed: Request 1177329: Submit art-ctlscripts - openSUSE Build Service :smile:

Does the ght.ctl script (Generalised hyberbolic stretch) works for you? It gives an error here.

I am not the author of the script nor an ART user. I just asked @agriggio if packaging CTL scripts would work and how and promised i would do the announcement post :slight_smile:

you want to start a separate thread about this problem.

there was a typo, sorry about that. It should work now

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Works indeed now, thanks (and certainly the wrong place to talk about erroneous behavior :upside_down_face: ).

was that typo in the 1.0 release? do we need 1.1? :wink: seems @pstivanin has to back port a patch!

Well I’m afraid so – that’s the downside of tagging :frowning:

version numbers are cheap. you can get as many as you want :smiley:

so 1.1. now?

1.0.1 just now

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

git push --tags missing?

Strange, it should be there:

yeah it is there now. just took a while between your forum post and when it actually showed up.

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Thanks for the hint @darix

For the time being i’ve created an additional ArchLinux AUR package for CTL scripts: AUR (en) - art-rawconverter-ctlscripts

The art-rawconverter package now builds with CTL support enabled by default.

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CTL, ART with CTL, and art-ctlscripts have now been submitted to Tumbleweed!