Painting Techniques and paint dynamics on GIMP

I have begun a series of articles to publish on around the painting techniques, brushes and how modeling paint dynamics. Mainly to the paint dynamics, I need some help and people that are interested to test my concepts and methodology.
For the paint dynamics, I have adapted for my scopes a simplification of the Dimensional Analysis only for screening the variables and to help me to organize the draft of the paint dynamic matrix.
So, I need suggestions and people interested to discuss that.

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I am preparing to publish my first article about digital painting with GIMP on The topic is how is possible to use the parametric brushes to do in efficacy way the main pictorial techniques. My initial argument is around the dry media (pencil, color pencil, charcoal, chalk, and pastel).
I have used in short the dimensional analysis to screening the matrix of my paint dynamics to this scope.
The assets, brushes and paint dynamics are shared in this article: · master · GNOME / gimp-book-painting · GitLab