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Hi, I have a Panasonic DMC-G85, and thought I’d upload raw images to to help out. It turns out that it shows an overlay on the rear of the camera with the various crops when viewing, but in darktable it does not… I just want to check I’m not wasting time by uploading, or if that’s some data that can be pulled once they’re uploaded and then software can correct once that info is merged?

Currently the images are all the same size, no crop (when viewed in darktable) but I can upload them anyway I guess. Maybe it makes sense to someone with the right know-how; I’ve had the camera for only a week now :slightly_smiling_face:

If the site already has a complete set of raw files, then uploading new ones aren’t necessary. If the set isn’t complete, then you may.

As for the cropping, unless it is a raw type of crop, then no. I am sure someone could give you a more definitive answer. In general, the crop you get in FLOSS apps is different and usually larger than what you would get using say Photoshop, and is adjustable depending on how much of the edge you want or need.

ahh thanks. It says they want all Panasonic, so I’ll upload the set then.

Just make sure you read the instructions carefully first because if you do it wrong they might be rejected. In any case, read and ask in the appropriate thread if you need any assistance.

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hmm. Well, that explains it. I guess one RAW file it is. When all else fails: RTFM :laughing:

“RAW images are always recorded in the [4:3] (4592x3448) aspect ratio.”

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