Panasonic GX9 camera profile on rawtherapee?

(Dave Pawson) #1

I had believed the Panasonic GX9 was supported (raw files are read).
Updated my OS (Fedora 28) and I’m getting a message

The default profile for raw photos could not be found or set. Please check your profiles directory.

Where is this directory please and is the message implying that there is no camera profile for the GX9?

Very new to rawtherapee

I have a couple of images of IT8

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

RawTherapee uses one processing profile by default for raw photos, and another one for non-raw photos.
RawTherapee 5.4 uses Auto-Matched Curve - ISO Low.pp3 for raw photos.
Versions of RawTherapee prior 5.4 used Default.pp3 which no longer exist.
The message is informing you that the default profile for raw photos, which you most likely still have set to the old Default.pp3, no longer exists.

Some other default settings have also changed between 5.4 and earlier versions. The easiest fix to this, and the one I would recommend as it will also fix other possible issues which you haven’t detected yet related to new and better defaults, is to delete your current “options” file:

(Morgan Hardwood) #3

We don’t have an input color profile for the Panasonic GX9 yet. You can help by sending me two photos of the target, one in daylight and one using a tungsten incandescent light bulb. Please carefully follow the shooting instructions here:

(Dave Pawson) #4

Thanks Morgan.
fyi - I don’t have any tungsten lamps in the house AFAIK!
I’ll send the daylight one and see if I can find a tungsten lamp.

(Dave Pawson) #5 Created.

(Morgan Hardwood) #6

Thanks @pe2dave Let’s continue in GitHub.