Panini projection in Hugin

I’m trying to change the projection of a wide shot (18mm in 35mm terms) from Rectilinear to Panini (General) and I don’t manage to get the corners correctly - it looks like Hugin ignores the values that I set at the Tops and Bots fields. Maybe someone can take a look?

My steps are to add the image to the image list, open the Fast Panorama Preview screen, go to the Projection tab and set the compression value to 73, and the Top and Bots to 32 each one. Then I enlarge the field of view slightly to fit the image and I close the Panorama preview screen. I go to the stitcher tab, select Calculate optimal size, and press “Stitch!”. The output looks as if the Tops and Bots were left at 0.

Note that if I go to the Crop tab in the preview screen and press Auto Crop, it crops a bar from the top and a bar from the bottom - again, as if the Tops and Bots are at 0.

What is it that I’m missing?

The file is relatively big so here is a link to download.


Are you using gpu for remapping?

No, I’m not.

can confirm that hugin is acting erratically regards to top and bottom compression. maybe file a bug report over at launchpad: Bugs : Hugin

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what version of hugin are we talking about?

Thanks for confirming the problem. I filed a bug report.

Thanks for confirming the problem. I filed a bug report.

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