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Man- that’s one frigid night to be out shooting. Great shot, glad you could take the cold!

Winter Island is an interesting spot, also has the ruins of the fort, a huge old seaplane hangar, and an abandoned barracks. Unfortunately driving up there is going to be even worse than usual, a truck hit an I-93 bridge north of Boston yesterday and it’s going to be under construction for a couple months.

Here’s another Boston one from a few years ago:

Olympus E-PL6, 14-42mm kit lens, Darktable and Hugin, from 2017, not sure of the version.

It’s from the top of the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown - 294 steps to the top. There is a small window in each side - by shooting leftward from the right side of the window and vice versa it’s possible to get all 360 degrees with no gaps. The windows are Plexiglass and not in great condition - with multiple shots from different positions and enough overlap, if there’s a scratch in one shot hopefully the same area appears in another shot where the window was clearer. It was a gloomy overcast day, I tried to brighten the colors but need to shoot this again on a sunny day.


A vertical one :

EOS R, RF 85mm, RT 5.8 & Hugin.


Always good to include some extra foreground!

Another shot from Saints Landing Brewster MA. This one was assembled In Hugin from a series of HDR exposures merged in darktable.

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@jonathanBieler I enjoy the normalcy of your entry. I tend to look up and down rather than sideways, so for me a vertical pano is easier to digest and appreciate.

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Thanks. I love shooting in the cold, as there is nobody else around to get in the way. :slight_smile:


How about this?
A 360x180 degree multi image panorama, of a sensory garden near me.

Stitched using hugin as a 360x180 degree equirectangular image, then reprojected using Hugin to a tiny planet using stereographic projection :slight_smile:

Sadly I sold my panoramic tripod head (a nodal ninja mk2) due to it not fitting my new camera and lens, I can’t justify the expense of a new one at the moment!


I think @Morgan_Hardwood probably has some killer panos.

For my own part:

The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

This was a chance to bend some pixels with Hugin to straighten up many of the lines. I wish I had gotten more shots for a better actual composition, but I was happy with the final projection.

From the Leipzig zoo (if we’re doing some vertical shots):

And a “little planet” in downtown Mobile, Alabama:

This was my first try with a do-it-yourself pano head I hacked together from some aluminum bar and a couple of screws. I was actually missing the nadir and had to rebuild the grass there using inpainting. (Fun side note - I got married in that cathedral to the woman almost right in front of it and made that little person next to her, with her… :smiley: ).


Local Fishing Hole
Harwich MA


@patdavid Good subjects. Yes, the more vertical shots the better. :heart:

@Marcsitkin I like your latest. Summer glow at the local fishing hole. :slight_smile:

An old one taken at COP21 Paris Climate Change conference 2015 Paris Le Bourget

also shared on Wikimedia Common CC BY-SA 4.0


I took 10 pictures of about 20-30 m long graffiti, moving every time 2-3 meters. I combined pictures with Hugin. This is small version, original Tiff-image was about 860 MB


@yteaot Is this the same as Long graffitti from raw-photos with Hugin 2019.0? Or have you revisited the site or reprocessed the images?

Pretty cool. I shot a similar scene a few years ago, and couldn’t assemble it. Might be time for another try.

Yes, it is same. Graffiti is same, but I am not sure, if is same version.

This had me up way past my bedtime
7 shots 2 masks in hugin, dt for exposure and vibrance


PANO, not PORNO right? …just a little blue humor ;-)…
a few shots of Quebec City skyline from the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River in Lévis:

both pics: Canon EOS 30D camera EFS 17-85 USM lens


Uploading: New Panorama1_ShiftN.jpg…

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