Long graffitti from raw-photos with Hugin 2019.0

I took ten raw pictures of long graffiti (about 20-30 long and 2m high) in the factory fence. In the video I show how I combined pictures into a panorama with Hugin 2019.0


The result as a tif image was about 900 Mb, so I show a slightly smaller jpg image.


If you want to try making panorama with small jpg images, you can open them from a zip file.

small_jpg.zip (12.0 MB) License is CC BY-SA

When shooting, the camera position and distance from the subject should be the same at all times. Camera’s focal plane should be parallel to the wall.

The left edge of the panorama shows the history of my hometown. In the right edge is probably made additions later by some other street artists.

Do you have any photos of graffiti? How are they taken?