Panoramic projection gimp script-fu

I am new to Script-Fu and Gimp commandline. I am trying to use panoramic projection for batch process (through script-fu).
I have tried it inside gimp (Filters → Map → Panorama Projection…) with following parameters and its working fine.


Please suggest how to achieve same through script-fu and add the result to new layer.

I’m not really an expert. Perhaps @Jehan or @nomis can help here better. But I think this is an GEGL filter (There is the GEGL “G” in the upper left corner.) and afaik this are not scriptable with Script-Fu. But you could use the GEGL command line as an alternative:

Some progress has been made despite the lack of built-in provision for scripting GEGL functions, see here: Scripting GEGL functions - Page 3 • GIMP Chat