Papaver orientale

please let me know if this is too big…I’m a newbie here.

This is an Oriental lily, above is it’s Latin name. I’m going to add macro to the list, but it just may be a close-up…but I think it is macro.


It is fine. They have told me to limit them to width 1920, and yours is a little less than that.

There are different numbers/ideas floating around about dimensions/size.

I personally have the following, self imposed, rules I follow and which haven’t gotten me into trouble yet:

In general, longest side:

  • Play Raw replies I limit to 2048px,
  • Showcase or OP in Play Raw: 2560px.

I do on occasion post bigger ones, but those come with a warning and are special cases: For example: panoramas aren’t all that nice when the longest side is only 2560 pixels wide. And when troubleshooting an issue you might want/need to post a full size one (when asked for).

But pixel size isn’t the only thing that one needs to look at, the actual size in MBs might also come into play. I do believe there is a hard limit here at pixls, but I do try to keep mine less then a few MBs.

Remembering that some folks watch this site via mobile phone and have to pay for the MBs they download keeps me from posting bigger/larger.

Yours, @lizardbreath, are certainly not too big!


It’s actually Papaver orientale (an “e” is missing at the end of the species name) :wink:

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Well ty for that info…I swear I got this spelling off of Wikipedia, which is pretty reliable, but who knows, in the copy/paste process, I may have missed a letter (obviously).

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