Parametric + drawn mask Erasing some part with a brush

A NOOB question when using this tool how can I erase some part where I don’t want the parametric mask instead of drawing addition mask?

For example I am drawing a parametric mask which covers the sky and also some other areas which I don’t want, how I can erase that part with a brush?

Apply the brush where you want to erase, then click on the button (’+/-’) next to the drawn mask drop-down. That will reverse the polarity of the drawn mask, and so include everything except the mask you have drawn.

For “simple” in/exclusions you should follow @elstoc’s advice.

You can achieve just about anything you like, however complicated, by using the mask manager module in darkroom view. The part you are specifically looking for are the Set operators

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Harry Durgin covered the mask manager in this video. Skip to about 36 minutes into the video.

thank you all for your advise.