Paris Olympic Games - Pont Alexandre III – Tutorial

The Paris Olympic Games are approaching (July August 2024). Perhaps you have already been to Paris, where the Olympic Games will be an opportunity for discovery.
This bridge was created for the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900.

I offer you a tutorial, starting from the 2nd image below. An image of the bridge that we don’t usually see, corresponding to the metal structures. I took this photo at the end of October 2021, with a Nikon Z6 II. The Dynamic is high 13.5Ev.

The aim of this tutorial is not to carry out the “best” processing of this image, but to show the integration of a module located upstream of Ciecam - which it integrates - to produce very high dynamic images to be easily processed afterwards by Ciecam (Cam16).
As a reminder, Ciecam (here Cam16) integrates powerful image processing algorithms taking into account physiological aspects (Scene conditions, Viewing conditions, Simultaneous contrast, etc.).

In this sense the tutorial stops at this pre-processing, you will notice that all the values linked directly to Cam16 “Cam16 Image Adjustments” (Lightness, Brightness, Contrast J or Q, Chroma, Saturation, Colorfullness are at zero, the others as “Surround” or « Viewing Conditions » are at their default values)

The NEF file, and the pp3 are in the tutorial:

The explanation of why and how, the entire tutorial is in Rawpedia:

The executables are here - (lacam16n) - this is not planned for 5.10:

Thanks to @Wayne_Sutton for his help.