Partha's GIMP 2.9.6 Released anywhere?

(dngimage) #1

Or any other place to download GIMP 2.9.6 Win64 version?

(Mica) #2

@partha any pointers? :slight_smile:

(Pat David) #3

Well, there’s also:


Sorry for the delay. Am on vacation and will return in 2 weeks. :slight_smile:

(dngimage) #5

Thanks, you are always so helpful.

Please keep enjoying the vacation! :slight_smile:


Every time I visit @partha’s site, I think he is on vacation :sunglasses:. Thanks for your builds.


@afre & @dngimage

Vacations are important. :smile:

As mentioned elsewhere, I have updated my builds. Enjoy.


Yes, you can download from my site now. Sorry about the delay. :frowning:

(dngimage) #9

Thanks @partha! :slight_smile:

(Mica) #10

No worries! Thank you for all your build work!

(dngimage) #11

Is there a way to get this theme/icons? I was using it in Gimp 2.9.5.

(Mica) #12

Go into gimp’s theming preferences and change the icon theme

(dngimage) #13

That did it! I was just changing the Theme before, not the Icon Theme.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Cyril LAPORTE) #14

@partha Hi
Just a precision : no more Win 32bits portable builds at all ?
Can you just let the last one somewhere please or point it out for me ?


A look in the internet archive and it seems the last 32 bit portable was around the middle of 2015, Gimp 2.8.14 Get to September 2015 and still 2.8.14 but all 64 bit. At least that is what I make it.

Best I can suggest is this 60 MB.

edit: Thought I better give it a try. Strangely does not work in a Win7 32 bit VM but does in a Win7 64 bit VM. However a look at the gimp.exe file and it is 32 bit.