Paste crop and rotate

I have tried copying a crop and rotate and pasting it onto another image, but all prior processing on that image is wiped out. Not possible to do this?

Windows 10, dt 3.2.1

As far as I understand … a copy paste moves all of the history and not a single item

There are 2 modes of operation for paste: overwrite and append. You want to use “overwrite” when you are pasting preconfigured EVERYTHING to image or set of images. You want to use “append” when you only want to paste a single or couple modules on top of current processing.


yes, and I think somewhere between version 3.0 and 3.2.1 the default may have changed (or at least my preference was lost/reverted) because this caught me out for a moment too.

If you in stead of ctrl-c use shift-ctrl-c to copy, then you can choose which modules to include. It is also possible to use shift-ctrl-v to choose modules to paste.

Ohhh. Yeah, that append thing works. :grin: Never even noticed it before. Thanks!