Paths editing in GIMP

For some years I have been bugged by this to the point that I can no longer keep it for myself. When it comes to paths editing in Gimp and you have a lot of points in your path this software that I came to love is making my life miserable. Compare it to things like the neat Blender UV editor and you’ll understand. At the very least make a selection tool that allow to box-select multiple path points. Having to select each path point one by one is ridiculous, it has to stop. We are in 2022 for god sake. The whole system would have to be reworked but I’m realist, so I’m just asking that you reconsider evaluating the state of your path editing tool, in particular regarding multiple path points selection.

I don’t use the paths options in GIMP much or probably never. However, Darktable has got beautiful drawn paths masks which I use all the time in Darktable. I would love to see a similar selection option in Gimp. It is great for dodging and burning.

Hi, @Serge_Billault, welcome. This isn’t really a place where developers hang out much, and if you want to lodge a formal feature enhancement request, you should do that in the bug tracker.