[Pay Raw] Sunset over AWB Lake


here is a sunset photo of the Altwarmbuechner See in Germany processed with RawTherapee. Has someone other creative ideas how to process?

Do you know a good RawTherapee Processing Template for sunset photographies?


20190902_Sonnenuntergang_AWB-See_06756.ARW (23.9 MB) 20190902_Sonnenuntergang_AWB-See_06756.ARW.pp3 (13.0 KB)

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@Joan_Rake1, your turn… :grin:


I´ve attached my processed version und the RT pp3 file as an example.

Here my try in darktable 2.7.

20190902_Sonnenuntergang_AWB-See_06756.ARW.xmp (6.8 KB)

RT 5.6

20190902_Sonnenuntergang_AWB-See_06756.jpg.out.pp3 (11,9 KB)

darktable (2.7-git): 20190902_Sonnenuntergang_AWB-See_06756.ARW.xmp (5.1 KB)

Nice picture! Here’s my take (maybe a bit over the top…)


20190902_Sonnenuntergang_AWB-See_06756.pfi (30.4 KB)


Using the latest RT 5.7!
20190902_Sonnenuntergang_AWB-See_06756.jpg.out.pp3 (12.0 KB)

EDIT (Added the next day!) : I thought of explaining the thought process behind this edit. Ignore if you don’t want to see it!
The photo has positive content of someone enjoying canoeing in the late afternoon. Thus, all negative elements must be controlled. Therefore, water had to be bright, no vignettes and the sun should look friendly. Also, the shadows on the shore should not be threatening! The colour pallette is yellowish, as Hollywood has taught us to be in numerous films. This practically dictates what needs to be done! The crop is also decided so that the canoe fits harmoniously. Over and out!


20190902_Sonnenuntergang_AWB-See_06756.ARW.xmp (7.9 KB) 20190902_Sonnenuntergang_AWB-See_06756_01.ARW.xmp (6.8 KB)

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@floessie Here is your “creative” fix: a high key version.

PhotoFlow minimalist no-clip linear float
gmic filter pixels, blur, inpaint water, brightness-contrast, rotate, crop, cut, LoG sharpen, resize

Zoom and enjoy!

Tone equalizer, tone curve, local contrast, automatic vignetting correction

a-20190902_Sonnenuntergang_AWB-See_06756.jpg.out.arp.txt (10.6 KB)

Here is my take on it. Used DT 2.6.2