PDAF filter for Hasselblad CFV-100C Files

Hi. Any chance you could add the code to RT so that it will be able to remove PDAF horizontal banding from Hasselblad CFV-100C files ? Couldn’t attach the .fff files to this post, but here’s the Google Drive link where you can download RAW files that show the problem. There are 4 files, ignore the .RAF ones, it’s just that .fff ones that are relevant, as those are from the CFV-100C. Thanks, Arthur.

Here’s the link.

Im not sure this type of banding can be even removed, its more like Hasselblad should try to remove it in firmware as Fuji did it. After a bit of research it seems that everything based on this sensor has this type of issue.

But maybe Im wrong.

Btw. does it have electronic shutter, if yes, was it used?

The banding is a bit strange. Unlike typical PDAF line issues, these lines have some thickness to them, almost as if there was some preprocessing done. I applied the grey image to itself with Flat-Field, then stretched the contrast. Here’s a crop:

And the full image:

There’s also what looks like a vertical crease in the middle.

I will try to map the line locations and see if the PDAF lines filter can remove the banding. There’s also a raw crop that should be added to remove the black and garbage pixels on the edges.