Peachy Rose Truss.

Had just about forgotten about using Voronoi Stipper output fed into G’MIC Polygonize (Delauney) to get a better truss. As a side, had to pull a 14 and have to do the same in a few hours (so might have missed some things in the rendering process). lol



This is rather nice.

Not sure if this is you missing something or if it is part of the render process (the latter, I think), but there’s a partial outline around most of the outer parts of the flower (better visible in the full sized flickr image). Going in with a brush and removing it would make this even smoother/cleaner.

Anyway; Nice result!

Yes; forgot to stroke the perimeter before adding the rest of the magic, Jade_NL. Was too tired to have noticed this until I was at work this morning. Will try to do better if I render another one of theses trusses. :slight_smile:

Wickered Dahlia

Didn’t feel like starting another thread for a similar type of render. Let the dots vary in the voronoi stipper step which led to the wicker like result hence the title. This time I didn’t forget to stroke the perimeter. lol



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