Pentax K1-II, difference between Jpeg and DNG

If that’s all it takes to put a user off, then I’d suggest that darktable probably isn’t the right tool for them and better they discover that early on.

We’re working on trying to improve the documentation for such users but darktable will always need an investment of time and effort.

Other software is available if that doesn’t float your boat.


Thank you All for the very interesting comments.
I have been shooting RAW since I switched to digital in 2003, however every day is a good day to learn something.
I have had the istD, K200, K5, K3-ii, and now I have the K1-ii: it is the first time I notice such a difference between Jpeg [bright] and RAW, with the Pentax-like base curve.
I know that you have to do your homework, and that’s the fun part, if you want, but still I thought that maybe something was wrong somewhere.
Many of you cite filmic as opposed to base curve, this is totally new to me, and I must investigate.