People who are developers of RawTherapee, LibRaw, darktable, GIMP, etc., what is your day job?

Just wondering. Do any of you work for photography/videography companies like Canon or Adobe?

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Nowhere close, but my former day job significantly involved imaging sensors.


If they did work for Sony or Adobe, they’d probably be bound by NDAs or noncompete clauses, and would be unlikely to work on darktable or Rawtherapee.

To say nothing of wanting to do something else than work in your free time.


I have colleagues who love what they do so much they do it at home too. And to me it’s just a job.

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Sounds like me. Software engineer in my day job, and when I get to the end of my working day, I turn on another PC and write more code just for fun.


Just a minor contributor to RT here, but my previous job was working on fully autonomous forklifts. I was primarily responsible for sensor evaluation and also our safety systems.

Currently unemployed due to a dispute over whether or not it was acceptable to ship a release without a safety fix that had been implemented already and had been waiting for about 4 hours of testing to be scheduled for more than a month and a half. I am in the process of getting a second round interview scheduled with a pretty promising job, which will be again non-photography-related.