Performance between Windows and Linux


To amuse myself, I’m playing with Elementary OS installed on a large USB drive on a desktop that I use to fiddle around with.

I’ve got GIMP install on the native Windows 10 OS and it works just fine and honestly I never thought twice about it.

I decided to install GIMP in EOS, for fun. OMG. It’s light years faster, even running through a USB 2.0 interface.

The load times are ages different. On all my Windows boxes, GIMP takes 15-20 seconds to load. On EOS, it’s virtually instantaneous.

Speeds for general operations are similarly affected.

Any thoughts on how I can get Linux level GIMP speeds out of a Windows install?


I wouldn’t be the guy to advise anything about Windows 10 tweaks. But I’m curious how exactly, you’re running EOS. Do you mean a live iso on a USB stick or booting EOS from an external ssd or hard drive? If it’s a live iso, then everything on the stick is running on that and your RAM(I think), so the speed is no surprise. I’ve never booted linux from an external hard drive or ssd, so I don’t know what to expect if that’s the case. :confused:

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If it is faster then even through a USB 2.0 interface? :rofl: LOL.
On my computer there are no USB 2.0 connectors anymore. Not even a
RJ45 connector. All WIFI.

The times that linux is faster then windows is far behind me.
Try upgrade your pc with a faster graphic card, memory, motherboard, processor??

All the software runs on Win11, can’t say that about Linux.

It always surprises me again, people buying for 10.000 euro telescopes mounts cameras but
still keep that old laptop.

I’ve installed EoS on the USB SSD drive. Not a live ISO.

I had to create a live ISO on another drive, than I installed EoS on the USB SSD.

The interesting bit is it’s effectively the same desktop, the only difference is it boots off the internal SSD for Windows and the USB SSD for EoS.

All my windows boxes take a goodly about of time for GIMP to load, the worst offenders being all the python tools.

I don’t own a 10,000 euro telescope mount BTW.

I make it a point to maintain the usability of my computers until they literally won’t boot up any longer.

Less waste!

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If you’re boasting about performance, you do know that ethernet (RJ45) is faster (and more reliable) than WIFI right?

WIFI is about convenience, not performance.

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In the old days yes.
here we already have 4 and 5 G. No need for ethernet network.
I dont have any problems at all.

Good for you. I still prefer fiber to the home with reliable bandwidth and round-trip times.

Well… maybe at home, but I still prefer hardwired when possible / feasible. I even have my laptop on Ethernet when on my desk.

At work? Hmmm… try putting a bunch of servers, a SAN or two, Oracle / SQL, backup devices and distributed ERP applications all on WiFi. Good luck. The air will probably glow at night. LOL :laughing: