Permanent Image Information in Filmstrip

I am using the filmstrip in darkroom mode extensively to step to the next image to edit. However, I typically do not do it in sequence but randomly, and the finished pictures get a color label. Unfortunately I can only see color labels when hovering an image, is there a possibility to have image information always on in filmstrip? darktable 4.0 user manual - filmstrip did not answer the question. Filtering by color label does not help, as I need the finished pictures for quick color reference, such that a series of images stays sound.

As for all “thumbnails” views, click on star icon in the right of top bar (of course, set it when in darkroom for filmstrip in darkroom), then choose overlay you want. This works also for all lighttable views

Thanks @Nilvus, this was really a stupid question. I expected the star to be global and therefore only for lighttable, but makes sense that it is not. Thanks again and sorry for the noise.

There’s not stupid question @chris.