Persist thumbnail sort options across program restarts?

I think that sort options should be automatically saved when the user changes any of them (Show all/new, Sort, Ascending/Descending). Especially that compared to this the state of the timeline slider seems to be saved. (I mean the slider which is visible above the sort options.) I don’t really see a reason why one should be saved while the others not.

I tend to leave all my photos on my SD card until it is full as an extra level of backup, so I always see the same oldest photos from the card, unless I remember to change the sort settings every once in a while I start the program.

Hi @emoryy,

I think @damonlynch is taking a break from this forum (and probably the application support), so it might be a while before you even get a reply. I hope you can be patient for an answer which actually helps!

Hi @garagecoder

Thank you for answering. I did not know that, but regardless of it I think I’ve posted about this at the right place, right? Also fortunately I’m the patient type. And then it’s not like this is a critical feature either. It’s just a thing I recently realized after a long time of using Rapid Photo Downloader, and I thought it could improve the comfort of the application a little bit.

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