Personal tone curve



Hi, I just want to share a tone curve that I found very useful as a starting point and often there’s not need of further processing.
This curve match the jpegs from my old canon and my smartphone :slight_smile:
neutralcurve.pp3 (10.0 KB)

Raw .CR2 files importing extremely noisy

Thank you!

(Morgan Hardwood) #3

@age you don’t need to provide a whole PP3 with all tool settings just to share a curve, there is a dedicated button next to each curve for saving just that curve in plain-text RTC format. I’ll upload it:
rt_curve_s1_custom.rtc (136 Bytes)

(Przemysław Wollenszleger) #4

Whoa! I didn’t even know, that I can import such things :astonished:
Shame on me :slight_smile:


ok thanks


Thanks for the Canon special sauce! :wink:


updated the curve :wink:
rt_curve_s2_custom.rtc (147 Bytes)

(Alberto) #8

Thanks for sharing! In case someone cares, here’s one that I use (with a Sony a6000).
a6000-ag.rtc (100 Bytes)

(The Squirrel Mafia) #9

Thanks for sharing the tone curves. I’m using it on a bunch of processing profiles that I created for myself. :grin:


agecustom.rtc (147 Bytes)