Personality type based on your monitor setup

We have many personality types in our community. One can only guess whether it is the real you or just a persona. In any case, here is a fun poll for all of you. Enjoy!

  • lawful good
  • neutral good
  • chaotic good
  • lawful neutral
  • true neutral
  • chaotic neutral
  • lawful evil
  • neutral evil
  • chaotic evil

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I used to be neutral good until two weeks ago, now I’m only down to one monitor unfortunately. Having two was putting a strain on my neck so I had to give it up :frowning:

What does laptop only count as? :wink:

@chris True neutral: I am not particular about the device type, just the positioning. I definitely had to choose between lawful neutral and chaotic good. :smile_cat:

BTW, everyone can choose up to two setups!

chaotic good, but 3 screens of different sizes, resolution and age

Lawful neutral, but the second monitor is angled 45°…

I’m a reverse lawful neutral… Laptop left, primary monitor right.

@Ofnuts What is the reason behind the 45°? Which axis?

@lphilpot That makes the two of us. I am lawful reverse-neutral+evil.

Rotation around a vertical axis. It’s a 27" monitor, if I keep it in the same plane as the laptop I can’t read the far end (I sit in front of the laptop).

My personal Linux box is hooked up to a single display: true neutral.
But the laptop I use for work at home, using the same display plus its own, makes my home office setup lawful neutral.
In the office, I use dual displays: neutral good.

I think your test if flawed: how come neither of the work-related setups are some kind of evil? Even if I’m neutral at heart, there should be some influence.


Where I worked in “flex office”, on the seats with broken display/network the screens were left rotated 45%, we called that the “windmill” position.


I go to the office twice a week, and usually take the same desk (our team has a fixed area allotted to us on those days).
I’ve also worked in a flex setup, which was bad and illogical: there was a clean desk policy, and after inspections, you either got a ‘well done’ note and a small chocolate, or a ‘you can do better’ note and no chocolate. Which is nice, in theory, but if the seating is really flexible, you get ‘your’ evaluation based on the previous user’s tidyness; and if the setup is not really flexible, the fully ‘clean desk’ policy (no personal items, no pictures and mugs, no headset and so on left on the desk at the end of the day) does not make sense.

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Because you still expect corporate policies to make sense :smiling_imp: .

You have to lean to turn them your way. Once I was looking for a seat in a company building I rarely go to, and there was this nice desk in a corner near a window, so I sat there. A couple of minutes later a lady comes and tells me I can’t use this desk because it is some $high_ranking_director’s desk. Sorry, but there is no identification on this desk, so it’s mine for the afternoon. Plus, they don’t know who I am :slight_smile:


When I worked for the municipality, I fought for an ergonomic assessment that allowed me to go from chaotic/evil to true neutral, so the reverse can be true. :raised_hands:

I have come to prefer a standing desk 99% of the time. In my office I have one, but when I am working somewhere else for a few days, I have learned to improvise from items I find in the building (stacks of books, maybe a piece of wood, there is always something).

I only dismantle these when I leave. I imagine that this would freak out the inspectors in your company.

A couple of years ago when I was visiting a university as a guest a student saw such a construction (books + a wood plank the janitor kindly provided for me) and asked if he could have the pieces after I leave.

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I responded incorrectly to the poll. I confused the images and which labels they go with. So, while I responded “Neutral Evil”, my correct answer should have been “True Neutral”.


A personality type based on the camera setup should be fun.

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No one has commented on the weird faces in the diagram yet.

There aren’t the very frequent Windows background?



I don’t know about that… seems cursed to me… maybe I need to calibrate my monitor… :stuck_out_tongue:

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