PetaPixel: Free Editing Software RawTherapee Adds Impressive 'Capture Sharpening' Feature



I doubt they even looked, just copy & paste the from the RT homepage. I am not impressed.

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Its not about if they looked, its about the fact that they have a ton of reads that will possibly see it. Its free exposure. :slight_smile:


If 5.8 is out, I’m obviously not keeping up with the releases. Time to upgrade.

To be sure, PetaPixel is a clickbait site at times. They do have the occasional useful article, though. If someone out there is on the fence about an alternative to LR, this is good information to help make that decision. I’m just glad they’re covering some FOSS applications.

We have been pinging several photo news (?) sites upon release… Seems they scraped this from though.


Yeah, total agreement. Unfortunately, clickbait is what pays the server costs, while quality and inspiring content gets ignored. I guess for those serious about advancing their photography beyond the basics and the ‘reddit cliches’, there is only a few gem blogs by unheard of but very experienced photographers, and Roger Cicala’s lens rental blog sometimes here at pixls for the more technical side. I think the hard answers are really offline, such as trial and error, mentorship, reading books on photographic areas for growth.

Though more exposure is always welcome.

Good job, keep up the good work. I think I will try to ping them with my long term in depth review that I recently shared on Pixls here.

Ok, downloaded it and tried out the new Capture Sharp feature. Works as advertised. Nice job developers, and thanks for all your efforts.

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