Phase One Quadrant Correction Continuation #207... & then?

Since mid-november, i reported a problem with Phase One’s IQII raws. It was confirmed, it’s a bug. I’m not capable to code, but i can understand the amount of work & competence needed & hidden behind the sliders. I gave what i’m capable to do to help: free images, some tests & observations, noise profile, built-in icc, home-made sensor’s icc. When it’s in my competences, i try to help peoples who struggle with DT’s stuffs. Since then there is no bug’s correction, nothing. I tasted (since darktable 0.6, already 10 years!) the capabilities of the 3.1.0 version, so i’m frustrated to use software i don’t like to work with. May i still hope?!

As you wrote RawTherapee handles those files correctly, maybe rawspeed can borrow some code from here…

Thank you!

Your last post on the bug report was six weeks ago, why not post there again?

Also note that rawspeed is more or less a one man operation, made by @LebedevRI for free, in his free time. Maybe he’s been busy, or not well, or just not in the mood.

Writing to say your impatient that someone isn’t working for free is problematic, to say the least.

Impatient is a big word! I know people work for free & in free time… Your judgement is harsh! My post i think is respectfull. I didn’t know it’s the work of one man @LebedevRI… And why i post it here, it’s a way to find help from others & maybe it works. Ps: Last post is 29/01. je vous présente mes excuses!

Impatient was your choice of words in the bug report. I don’t make judgments, I’m just telling you how it works in hopes you can understand why your request has not been filled.

I understand. So I apologize to @LebedevRI. In my defense, the meaning of the word “impatient” in French is less derogatory. My bad!

It’s not really a fair characterization i’d say.
For sure i did not write all that code,
i only been maintaining it for some last few years.

I don’t think you need to apologize, I just want you to have a clear understand of the way things work :smiley: Nor do you need any defense. We’re all trying to improve things as we can!

This is what I meant, sorry for not being clearer.