Phone usage suggestions

I have phone problems that you may be able to help me with. Currently, I have a used OPO.

1 The touch screen is damaged. Replaced it once already. Can’t afford another phone ATM. I have trouble answering calls. Been an issue before I started job searching in earnest. Missing calls is a nonstarter. The main issue with the default app is that it wants me to slide in the direction where touch doesn’t work. I could rotate but that doesn’t always work. Most people / bots / recordings hang up by then. I haven’t tried other apps. Suggestions are welcome!

2 Voicemail of my service only has 3 slots that expire in 3 days. That is unreasonable to me. Are there apps that pick up after an arbitrary amount of rings, provide an option for me to hear the first x seconds and then give the caller the option to leave a message. The hearing part can be useful because 98% of the calls are unsolicited or creepy.

3 If I can’t afford a smartphone, could an even cheaper dumb phone work? Who does that? I am doubtful because some apps depend on the SIM card or an active cellular connection…

Headset/bluetooth headsets now generally have a button on them that’ll answer a call. I got mine for $13.

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My head and ears hurt very much if I wear anything for more than 30 min or 1 hour and the devices aren’t good in bed. I lay down often because my back hurts.

Still good to have handy to pick up important calls. Any recommendations?

I have these:

They fit comfortably in my ear, mic is OK, has the pickup button, and are reasonably cheap.

Thanks! Mine does have audio buttons but I have never tried to see if they take calls. Should experiment.

An old Nokia N900 smartphone is quite durable and should be cheap.


  • Maemo Linux (based on Debian, the community will release a new version soon-ish)
  • 32 GB of storage (and a MicroSD slot for more)
  • Resistive touchscreen (they might last longer than capacitive ones)
  • Camera with RAW support
  • Stereo speakers
  • Physical keyboard (QWERTY)
  • Better build quality than many newer phones (can survive drops on concrete)


  • Only 256 MB of RAM
  • Can’t open heavyweight websites
  • Small screen

Any button works. It is just a matter of plugging in, pressing the button and unplugging to receive the call like some steampunk madman.

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