photo import perl script

RawTherapee lacks a photo collection database, but I like using it more than darktable, so I made a perl script to organize my photos into directories. It occurs to me now that the other option would be to use darktable just for its database and importing, and RawTherapee for the actual developing. Does anyone do that? Anyway, if anyone else is running Windows and has this problem, maybe the script is useful to you. It’s not ready for a proper release or anything, but would be usable with a little configuration of variables and installing of dependencies.

I’m on WIn10 but I’m glad that RT does not use a collection database. And RT is just using the normal file browser to retrieve all the data it requires. I think this is perfect!

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Thanks for sharing! I do the same but with just some exiftool commands.

my computer died just after I posted this, and now I’ve written a python version that I’m using on a mac (it should work on linux, too)