Photo of a sculpture on a rainy day

Hello everyone.

I took this photo on a rainy day and processed it in darktable. This is my result. But I would like to see what others are able to do with the same RAW file, check different color gradations and white balance management among other things to learn other ways.

_DSF9434.RAF.xmp (13.9 KB)

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_DSF9434.RAF (48.2 MB)


This is a very nice subject, but also very difficult because the background of the figure is very turbulent and the face is in the dark. For these reasons, the statue was very difficult to separate from the background. This was a good exercise for the masking capabilities of darktable.

As for the colors, it’s actually nice the way it is, just a little separation (colder background vs. warmer statue) was needed to get a nice color contrast.

_DSF9434_05.RAF.xmp (39,6 KB)

darktable 3.7.0~git1178.0a1b3bfce8-1


Thanks for posting this play
darktable 3.6

_DSF9434_01.RAF.xmp (16.5 KB)


I have it a little darker and softer in mind.
(with a white background is visually much too dark)

Photo of a sculpture on a rainy day_DSF9434.RAF.xmp (13.6 KB)

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Thank you for the play,

Edit with RT, GIMP and G’MIC:

1 Like (25.9 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 Development

That was a really nice and somewhat difficult challenge.

I think the rainy-day saturation in the (lower) greens might be pushing it a bit, not 100% sure.

Thanks for sharing this one!


DT 3.7

_DSF9434.RAF.xmp (11.9 KB)


_DSF9434.RAF.arp (11.6 KB)


darktable 3.6

_DSF9434.RAF.xmp (13.2 KB)

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Have you seen those videos that are divided in 3 vertical parts and have the two lateral parts out of focus?
Well, in this image that idea comes in handy: I blur the sides to focus on the sculpture.

To know:

  1. I lighten a little the face of the sculpture.
  2. I use lut: CrispWarm at 90% intensity.

20211002_DSF9434-4.jpg.out.pp3 (22.8 KB)

RT 5.8-3049-dev.

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Thank you very much to all you guys for all those variants of image processing. I forgot to mention the lens model. It is a Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95 this one is not in the lensfun database yet.

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Not such an easy one! But beautiful.
My try (dt 3.7.0 beta)
_DSF9434.RAF.xmp (17.7 KB)

To crop a bit (as other did before) is a good idea to get more separation between sculpture and background, but is also loosing context (and I like it), and so I’ve tried to get the more I could without this. Just depends on what you’re looking after.

Also: I don’t know what’s the material of the sculpture, but in my head it’s like kind of grey stone, and so, I tried to mantain very desaturated colour for it.


Thanks for sharing this photo! I had several tries in order to be satisfied with colour balance.
This lens produces interesting spikes in the upper left corner :wink: - did you use it fully opened here?

_DSF9434_RT-4.jpg.out.pp3 (18.5 KB)


My quick edit attempt in GIMP 2.10.28_nUFraw_Mantiuk 2006 and correction in the LAB space

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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

_DSF9434.RAF.xmp (24.3 KB)


The material is carrara marble. The place was founded in 1890. Now is the Foundation of the new Latin American Cinema.

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Now I see.
Then, probably a somewhat warmer and lighter touch for the marble can be better option… Perhaps.

_DSF9434.RAF.xmp (20.3 KB)


I tried to blur the background a bit using local adjustment, pushed the greens toward blue and saturated the oranges, then added some bloom in GIMP.

RT dev + GIMP _DSF9434.RAF.pp3 (26.3 KB)

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my version, I found the statue a little pink.

Good day

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DT 3.6.1

My version. Thanks for sharing

_DSF9434.RAF.xmp (14,8 KB)


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Just had a look: Maybe I’m not the artist-type of photographer, but so far I think the original captures the mood of a rainy day best. Agreed, my typical edits are very conservative, while “artists” prefer the more aggressive way.

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