Photo Printing from GIMP questions

I usually print from darktable on Ubuntu using Turbo Print’s drivers and get excellent results. I have a Canon Pixma Pro 10 for color prints but for black and white I use a local printer. The last B&W prints I had made were done on some Hahnemulhe papers which I really liked. Unfortunately, Turbo Print only supports Canon papers and 2 Hahnemulhe papers but not the one I wanted to try. I set up a Win 10 VM, installed GIMP added my printer. When I try to print from GIMP I am only offered the same papers from Turbo Print, which I suspect match those that come with Canon’s drivers. I downloaded ICC profiles from Hahnemulhe but those are only for soft proofing I think. How do I add papers from other manufacturers to either Windows or GIMP?


The profiles we provide are RGB profiles for use with your print driver and your graphic application

There is a PDF included with the ICC profile download that details the settings for your print driver.

I guess I get stuck on step 2 and 7:

Where do I go from here?

I can tell you where those settings are in the Epson driver, but not the canon driver.

I dug around some and I think this takes care of it. I check the box for “Color/Intensity Manual Adjustment” and select the “Matching” tab. From there I can select ICM (no idea what that means), and select the paper I want from the “Printer Profile” drop down.

I’ll run a few proof prints to be sure!
Also, @paperdigits you’ve helped me on so many questions all over these forums so I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your time and knowledge. You have been a huge help and I doubt I could have done much without it. Thank you very much.

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Oh thanks! That makes my day :slight_smile:

I’m glad I said it then!