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Any suggestions for an online photo album? I was at a wedding at the weekend and we want to share the photos we all took privately amongst the guests.

(Colin Paul Adams) #2

You can do that with Facebook.


Thanks Colin but a lot of our family group are very anti posting stuff onto Facebook (mostly the youngsters).

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

(Tobias) #5

@Morgan_Hardwood I’m not sure, that someone who is against Facebook is happy with Google.
@bminney Do you have an server, or are you looking for an external service?
How much space do you need.


Hi Tobias
I think the FB thing is to do with sharing photos publicly. The Google Photos looks good because I just want somewhere where everyone can post their photos as a one-off event.
It would be a hosted service, for free and I’ve no idea on space requirement - seems everyone was taking photos with smartphones (only saw two other real (!) cameras - and one of those was the official photographers).

(Mica) #7

You can export to a gallery in darktable.

Or something like this:

(Pat David) #8

This topic reminded me that one of my long-term plans was to find a way to solve this for our users. Some method of allowing users to host photos/galleries with some sort of access control. I toyed with mediagoblin a while back but I just haven’t had time to really talk this through with everyone to come up with a good solution.

(Johan Haggi) #9

Do you have write access to a web server? See fgallery.

“no server-side processing, only static generation. The resulting gallery can be uploaded anywhere without additional requirements and works with any modern browser.”

If you want to limit access you can use a htaccess file.

An example gallery
With small screen (like in a stupidsmartphone) the thumbnails change position.

In that example is not possible, but with default option is possible downloads a single original file or all the photo in a zip archive.


Hi, in the end I used Google Photos. Quite impressed with the ease of adding photos from various sources.


What about owncloud/nextcloud? That’s what I use for sharing Photos.


Thanks for the suggestions. I might look at these in the future but Google seems fine for the others using this to add photos, comments etc.
Good to see three pixls supporters in one thread!

(keith) #13

Make that four :grinning:
Thanks for reminding me about google photos, always seem to forget about them when sharing photos :+1:

(Chris) #14

Piwigo ( is an open source self-hosted photo gallery with access control. It may suit your needs for the community.

(Mica) #15

We aren’t going to run our own PixelFed instance?

(Mayank) #16

I like fgallery for easy photo galleries.


My two favorite tools here are sigal (of which I wrote a review) and prosopopee. Sigal is useful to dump all your pics in a folder structure and let it manage it, while Prosopopee is more geared towards story-telling, which means it requires more configuration (so i haven’t really used it beyond tests at this point).

Both are static site generators which means I don’t need to worry about long term maintenance or performance considerations, but it does mean private galleries are more annoying. To keep pictures private, I usually hide them behind an unguessable URL or add a webserver-level username and password. It also means you will need to figure out your own way to let users upload their own pics…

(Alberto Mardegan) #18

I grab the chance to remind you of PhotoTeleport, which I wrote about in another thread. :slight_smile:

If you end up using some solution not supported by PhotoTeleport please let me know, I’d do my best to support it too.

(Pauls46) #19

here are some more sharing options:

  1. onedrive
  2. dropbox
  3. flickr


If you use github, you can fork photorama and build an image gallery.