Photographers in New York, NY

Hello there good folks!

I am located in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario and will be traveling to New York in September. I was wondering if any of you, that are on the friendly side of the friendliness spectrum, happen to live there and if you’d be interested in meeting perhaps.


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Great idea! Wrong coast (for me) :smile:

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I’m a quick bus ride from NYC.

I’ll be upstate the week of Sept 2-10. First half over by Lake Oneida, and that final weekend down in Cooperstown for a wedding. It sucks that I’m just a bit too far from NYC to jump over. :frowning:

I’ll be in the big apple from Sept 23 to 30 :slight_smile:
I don’t suspect any of y’all knows Joel Meyerowitz personally :stuck_out_tongue: - for those who aren’t familiar, he is quite the street photographer and did some fabulous work in NY. Images


Ye Gods. Joel Meyerowitz is part of the very fabric of New York. I would classify “quite the street photographer” as droll understatement with criminal intent :wink: You run in good company.

I live in Brooklyn. Not too far and a world away from Manhattan. Could be there are subway connections, though. – G

Well I mean if anyone wants to perhaps do a quick photo meet somewhere nice, just post in here :slight_smile:

great idea

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next time :slight_smile: