Photometric colour calibration plate solving fail

I’ve never had trouble with photometric colour calibration before but now using 1.2.0 beta I’m getting a plate solving failure most of the time.

My pixel size is correct, my focal length is correct.

Currently have 2 hours of data for the North America nebula and it won’t recognise it during plate solving.

Any ideas?


You can force the platesolve by checking it.

Hello, there are a few things you can do:

  • verify that there are stars detected everywhere in the image in the ‘Dynamic PSF’ window and adjust parameters if it’s not the case
  • change the limit magnitude slightly, depending on how many stars are found.
  • change the used catalogue, sometimes that helps too
  • use an external plate solver like (the local version works from Siril) or ASTAP (calling it manually) then use Siril to run the PCC on the solved image

Solving wide field images is always tricky because of the distorsion and the fact that it’s harder to distinguish stars that are very near from each other in the image.