PhotoPrism does not see the mounted directory

In docker volumes I mounted some folder from the host to /photoprism/originals. For example, /srv/disk1/photos:/photoprism/originals
Then on the host I mounted other dir (/srv/disk1/user1/dcim) to /srv/disk1/photos/phone/dcim, but photoprism doesn’t see files in dcim folder.
I know that I can mount a directory through docker, but why is a directory mounted in the host not visible to the application?

Did you try mounting the path directly like this?

  - "/srv/disk1/user1/dcim:/photoprism/originals"

I’m not sure what happens if you first mount /srv/disk1/user1/dcim to /srv/disk1/photos/phone/dcim, then mount that to /srv/disk1/photos and finally mount that to /photoprism/originals :thinking: