PhotoPrism - New Release 240531-60b3a4628 🎬

With this update, you can choose to install FFmpeg 7 for faster software video transcoding. You also get the latest translations contributed by our community as well as improved backup commands and configuration defaults.

What’s new?

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I wonder: postgresql is still not there yet?

Adding PostgreSQL support unfortunately depends on the help of contributors, as many users are waiting for OpenID Connect support and improved facial recognition, which we need to take care of. So there is no way we can spend several weeks working on other issues or even half the time to e.g. get a proof-of-concept ready for release:

Keep in mind that while we always do our best to give general advice and feedback (which is not easy considering our workload), refactoring the “associations” and “preload” functionality for the migration from Gorm v1 to v2 seems to require quite a bit of time to experiment and come up with a good solution. So some advice from us and a few tests will probably not be enough to get it done.

For alternative solutions that may not require an upgrade to Gorm v2, see the following comment:

If you have questions, please feel free to ask in our Contributors and/or Community Chat!