Photoshop picture turns black and white in GiMP

I’m new to GIMP. I installed it to edit a Photoshop picture file. Unfortunately, the picture loses all it’s colors, when being opened with GIMP. However, there is a dialogue window showing up upon opening the image that talks about importing a color profile. It also offers me different option to select from, which I have all tried by now if I’m not mistaking. I attached a screenshot of the window.

What can I do to get the color back into the image? Is it possible?

Thank you!

Try opening it in Krita and see if it turns in B&W.

I see that the file extension is PSD. GIMP may not like that.

You should export from Photoshop as a TIFF.

If your PSD file contains adjustment layers, it may be incompatible with GIMP. It may not be color profile problem.