Photowalk in QUEBEC

Photowalking in Quebec, Canada

I will be spending [the next] week in Quebec City; if anyone has some recommandations please let me know :slight_smile:

Are you going In winter or July?

Vieux Quebec?

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Ie will it be 30 or -30C :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I should have mentioned. I am leaving tomorrow :slight_smile: it will be this coming week I will be there

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this week

There are only two seasons in Quebec. Cold/winter and the nice month of July.

I’ve visited old Quebec a few times for holiday in July. Walking thru the old city has a lot of nice places. The citadel is a museum and an active military base with Canadian guard. Depending on weather and how much you want to walk, going around the city wall would yield a nice photo walk.

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In Quebec now. Gotta say Photowalking here is fun especially at night. Recommend the mulled wine and cocktails (not at sports bars). The onion soup (French onion soup) is also fantastic.


Returning to Ontario tomorrow. Here’s a few old style street shots I got.