Pick WB and apply it on range

Newbie: I have seen a video tutorial where the guy is picking a WB and then applying it to the range of photographs. So I have started to photograph grey card in the environment to be able to set WB in postprocessing, but I am not able to figure out how to apply it to a certain range of photographs. I can just guess that I pick WB via White Balance:Pick and then I save it as a profile, but how do I apply certain profiles to the range of images then?


Under ‘Copy & Paste’. The general procedure is described there, with the last line telling you how to apply only a selected set of modules (or a single module).

RawTherapee lets you apply only a part of the copied processing profile, for example only the “Resizing” tool. To do this, use the “Processing Profile Operations > Paste Partial” option instead of the “Paste” option.

Also File Browser - RawPedia (there seems to be a bit of duplication).


Thanks, I can see, that RT is not so difficult as I thought.