Picture restoration using person learning

I posted a jpg on this thread on the use of machine learning to fix a picture of mine from the 1930s, much creased, crumpled and scratched. The general opinion wasn’t all that favourable, and I was invited to post a tiff file so that people could have a go at fixing it.

Here it is
original.tif (4.8 MB)

This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.

my proposal, no AI at all…

(sorry no floss)


Cleanup in GIMP. I am sure others will do better!


@david @marter you have both done great. I use GIMP myself for photo restoration. Which program did you use Martin? And Colin, I stand behind my previous comment that people on this from would beat AI. Thanks for the post.

@Terry thank you very much and @david did a great job. While i skipped the background, he did a full restore. I think, it is not important, which software you are using, they all come with some clone and heal tools (btw, here i used PaintShopPro).
Much more it’s a kind of painting and estimating to find the correct colour for the missing pixels. Thats why you can find a lot of differences by putting all the versions on layers for comparison.

Having looked at the two responses, I would agree.

Do you know Searle’s Chinese Room argument? Essentially it says, that although computers can carry out a task, they have no understanding of it.

You can anyway with the help of GIMP and AI available on the web

Oryginal corect_palette.fm


I 100% agree. I always use layers when restoring. Also I agree that all major software, both free and paid, have the clone and heal tools which are the main tools needed. The patience, experience and skill of the operator of these tools are more important than the program. You have done a really nice job on the faces, which is the real big challenge.

Well Colin, I thought you were describing the new incompetent managers I have at work. They are certainly as inhuman as computers and the old saying garbage in garbage out applies to them.

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@Zbyma72age very nice coloring. Really well done. What software or technique did you use for this?

@Zbyma72age that is amazing and its free, what a bonus. I will download and try it out. So not all AI is dumb.

OMG, this colorize program blows me away. I see that JPG outputs are free, but HD outputs have a very reasonable price attached to them. This is a great online tool to bring our old black and white pictures alive with color. I am stunned. Thanks for the link @Zbyma72age

GitHub - jantic/DeOldify: A Deep Learning based project for colorizing and restoring old images (and video!) also looks good as well, and is FOSS