Pictures changing color on export


My pics have been swapping colors when I export them. I do not know what I did or more importantly how to correct it. The reds turn green and so forth. I have been using this with Leap 42.1 but since I installed leap 42.3 the the photos flip.

How to "swap" colors in darktable?
(Mica) #2

What version of darktable is in leap 42.3?


Did you set the output profile to BRG? Either in the output profile module in darkroom, or in the export module? If that’s the case it means that your image viewer isn’t color managed.




I set the export profile to “sRGB(web-safe)”, intent to “preceptual” and style to “none”. The allow up scaling is “yes” and now it seems to be working. I will have to do more experimenting to get to know this program better. I use this for my Etsy photos and it really does a fantastic job with my sloppy photos.