pink calls no longer working

I am having problems calling a pink executable from gmic, as shown below. The error message is the same, “Command ‘done’: Not associated to a…” regardless of the pink cmd I use. Any ideas where I can fix this? I running gmic on ubuntu 20.04. pink works outside gmic.

[gmic]-1./pink/pink_new/ Call pink package on image [0] with execute cmd: “maxima [imgin] 8 [imgout]”.
[gmic] *** Error in ./pink/pink_new/*if/_xpinks/ *** Command ‘done’: Not associated to a ‘for’, ‘foreach’, ‘local’ or ‘repeat’ command within the same scope.

gmic -version

gmic: GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing: command-line interface
Version 3.1.2

    Copyright (c) Since 2008, David Tschumperlé / GREYC / CNRS.


Could you please run the gmic command with the -debug flag, and redirect stderr to a file so we can check what is going on ?

Thanks for the prompt reply. The debug output is in the attached file.

pink-error.txt (114.6 KB)

Not sure if this’ll help, but isn’t pink written in Python 2?

In any case, let us ping @KaRo who is the author of the pink interface for G’MIC.

To me, the code of the command where the error occurs seems correct, so maybe this is a bug that has been fixed in latest version of G’MIC (3.1.4).
I don’t know, I don’t have pink installed here on my machine.

I confirm that upgrading to 3.1.4 solved the problem. Thanks for suggesting it!

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The build I have is C++

Hmm, maybe I have changed “… done” to early to “{ … }”. In fact 3.1.2 will not work anymore with my community file and hence not the pink wrapper!

Never mind, I had no idea that anybody is using the pink interface!

The pink interface is very handy, thanks for keeping it alive!