Pink clipped highlights, normal?

While editing I realized that part of the sky was so overexposed that’s the recovery function could not bring it back, and the defaulted to Pink. Is there any way to fix this? At least make it white?

S7_02413.ARW (47.1 MB)

Top right by the leaves

I think you just need to lower the recovery threshold until the pink goes away - some files need that tweaking.

Edit: the pink arises from the clipping not being fixed completely (briefly).

Aargg… Sorry. Don’t know why I was thinking darktable. Disregard please🫣

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Colour Propagation as the highlight reconstruction method, while my preferred method 99.99% of the times, tends to do that sometimes. Go for either, Blend or Luminance Recovery in this case.

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You probably also want to try and correct that CA, its pretty bad on the leaves and chimney.

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color propagation may well be propagating the pink fringe created by said CA.

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Some of the clouds are now visible. A bit too extreme in contrast and still has a strange green tint, but I think the CA is more or less corrected, except a few places. Also tried removing the lens vignette with a masked exposure.

Edit: didn’t realize this was tagged as RT… oops.

S7_02413.ARW.xmp (14.6 KB)

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Nice shot!
in RT 5.9 dev-206 i used a combination of CA, defringe, shadow/highlights and highlight recovery (inpaint opposed) for this:

S7_02413.ARW.jpg.out.pp3 (14,6 KB)



RawTherapee 5.9-106 rt.S7_02413.jpg.out.pp3 (18.0 KB)

EDIT: Noticed and fixed a slight colour shift or the beginning of discolouration top left.


So it turns out that enabling Chromatic Abberation reduction fixes the issue with the overexposed pink areas. Guess I was tired last night after a very long weekend and freaked out over nothing :slight_smile:
Thanks all for the help!