Pipe Major - The local band

Well, after my query yesterday, I have to wonder what the “natural skin color” is here :grinning:

This is the pipe band from the local area, as one of our friends says, “That’s a very Scottish face”.


Might have to use the whiskey scale not the Monk scale for the Scots… :slight_smile: The photo may be accurate ie the blushing of the cheek but when I get one of these and I want to try to tone it down I find the autopicker with shift held in color zones saturation tab will often do a civil job of desaturation that can be tweaked with the mixer opacity or the curve that it uses from the auto selection

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How about the Scotch scale? :wink:

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Ay, if they stay true to the motherland then Scotch whisky scale it is… how do you calibrate that…%flushed skin / shot ??

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Give the guy a break. he is Scottish, he gets a sunburn by just holding a flashlight too close to his face :slight_smile:


The trick I like using is duplicate for a total 5 layers. Set the layer property of the 2 layers above the base to Exclusion. The layer above the Exclusion layer to color and the top layer to lighten. You’ll need to adjust the opacity of the color layer to taste since at 100% it’s a bit overpowered to say the least. lol

Now this trick doesn’t handle bokeh well, but to remove the harsh shadowing around the face, it does a decent job, imo. The result shared is just as outlined so you can see what I’m referring to with that.

As a side note, I use the double Exclusion trick to create fake HDRs by the way. :slight_smile:

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