Pixel Shift Peripheral Edge Noise Reduction in Sony Imaging Edge possible in RT?

Hello all! As I read about the features in RT to compensate motion artefacting on pixel shift images in general, I was wondering if the specific Peripheral Edge Noise Reduction feature in Sonys Imaging Edge Edit suite is doing the same or if it can be applie in via RT as well?

What is this feature for? Is it for the new 16-shot pixelshift or also for the 4-shot?

Hello Ingo,

thanks for the swift reply. To my knowledge its not new, but never used it for the 4-shots, as it wasn’t necessary. This very setting only unlocks when opening 16xPSMS ARQ files in Edit and defaults to 0.5 (between 0.0 and 1.0 absolute values).
Apparently it helps reducing aliasing on edges and contrasts for 16-shot pixelshift images, as they are actually upscaled to 240mp.

Let me know if you need a deeper explanation.

Is there any news on this? Sony seems to go dumb again…