pixls.us certificate problems?

Today, when I tried to go to https://pixls.us, I encountered a certificate problem:

According to FF, the certificate is pretty stale, but the site has had plenty of visitors since the indicated 2018-06-05, so something else must be up.

Yes, this is happening for rawpedia as well, which is hosted at the same place. Our host seems to have screwed something up. Thanks for the report!

This (hopefully) has since been fixed. Please yell loudly if something like this pops up again! (and thank you!)

Luckily, I didn’t encounter it. Stuff usually happens to me. Or are my settings lax? :roll_eyes:

@afre What browser do you use?

Same as you (specifically, on win10 and android). Weird, it comes up for other sites. Have I accepted the warning at some point? But then I would have reported it…

Maybe you were in a hurry to get somewhere (in your browser, that is), and dismissed a warning to get there. I’m sure most of us have done that at some time or other. FWIW (which is not much) I encountered it on Linux.