PIXLS.US on smartphone

What is the message of the shrinking pixls.us logo from the app on a smartphone?
Greets, Eric.

  • Which smartphone?
  • Which browser?

Samsung A51, and app from Google play store, app version 107

Which app?

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I also wonder what app you mean. There’s no pixls app.
I considered Chrome, but the latest is currently 105, not 107.

There is an app. I think it is a PWA (progressive web app). On chrome mobile, it is in the menu below translate.

Hi thanks for helping me, but i uninstalled the app, or whatever it was, and tried to find that particular app in play store. I don’t know anymore how I managed that. But don’t worry, I mostly view pixls.us on my laptop.
Greetings, Eric.

Hello, you can just read pixsl.us with eg. Firefox on your phone. No app needed.

There is a pixls.us app and its working fine

But i dont see any shrinking logo

Call me ancient, but never heard of PWAs before. I know that many so-called apps are simple WebView wrappers around a web page. If I understand correctly, PWAs are not ‘real’ apps, either, in the sense that you don’t install them on your phone (or OS), ‘only’ in your browser.

PWA is Progressive Web Apps.

yes you can do that with discourse. but that will just use your normal browser.

Yes that was the “app” i mentioned, and the icon visible between other icons on the smartphone’s startscreen DID change. Not the size of it, but the text inside kept going smaller, every day or week, can’t remember and NO, I am not disturbed :slight_smile:
ps: I managed to install it again: search for pixls.us in chrome, go into menu (hamburger) and choose discuss. then on the top right side click on the 3 dots and somewhere in the middle i’ve found “install app” …