pizza express pt. 2

First off - to the admins, appologies for clogging up your servers. Havent seen a specific rule against multiple raws but neither have I looked too hard…
As for the rest of you, this is in no way a competition or race (but of course it is :wink: )
Will check in later

24-05-25__MG_0699.CR2 (19.5 MB)
24-05-25__MG_0700.CR2 (20.8 MB)
24-05-25__MG_0701.CR2 (23.0 MB)
24-05-25__MG_0702.CR2 (19.7 MB)
24-05-25__MG_0703.CR2 (21.2 MB)
24-05-25__MG_0704.CR2 (22.9 MB)
24-05-25__MG_0705.CR2 (19.8 MB)
24-05-25__MG_0706.CR2 (21.3 MB)
24-05-25__MG_0707.CR2 (22.8 MB)

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Attempted the first one

24-05-25__MG_0699.CR2.xmp (20.8 KB)


I used dartktable, hugin and gimp on pic 700, 701, 706 and 707 to get this:


24-05-25__MG_0699.CR2.xmp (13.8 KB)

24-05-25__MG_0703.CR2.xmp (12.7 KB)

My fun with Darktable and GIMP


Ahh, but what I didn’t say is that these make a bracketed pano…

I used Xpano v 0.15

My own attempt with darktable

Lessons learned

  • pay more attention to whats in the frame, walk a little further up the road and hide the bungalow behind the shed
  • choose a less challenging sky day
  • HDRs are a pain in the bum, contrast & saturation went all over the shop

There isn’t any such rule. Just that people will likely pick one or two and edit those, rather than all of them.

Ahh, but what I didn’t say is that these make a bracketed pano…
Still, I’ll keep it simple in future - not sure it’s worth the effort

That’s up to you!

My versions…

24-05-25__MG_0703_01.CR2.xmp (46.9 KB)

24-05-25__MG_0703.CR2.xmp (38.4 KB)


My attempt with dt 4.6.1.

24-05-25__MG_0703.CR2.xmp (9.4 KB)

Exported from rawtherapee then fused with hugin. Not sure why there are some misalignments, perhaps I used hugin wrongly.

24-05-25__MG_0706_pano-2.jpg.out.pp3 (13,7 KB)


I tried a “natural” and warm edit.
Combined the exposure bracketed raws to hdr dng files in darktable.
24-05-25__MG_0707-hdr.dng.xmp (8.5 KB)
24-05-25__MG_0702-hdr.dng.xmp (6.8 KB)
24-05-25__MG_0699-hdr.dng.xmp (6.8 KB)

Stitched the pano with xpano and edited the outputfile again in darktable.

24-05-25__MG_0699-hdr_pano.tif.xmp (10.3 KB)


Here is my version, I just used MG_0700.

I did a preliminary export with darktable adding a couple of neutral density filters to limit the dynamic range a little bit (24-05-25__MG_0700.CR2.xmp), then I applied a film sim with custom code.


And the winner is… Everyones a winner!
Lots of ideas there to rip off. Thanks for the xmps, makes life so much easier…
Particularly like @age handling of the sky.
@dqpcoxeas shows a little bit of nirvana, grungy.