Place to share PhotoFlow pressets 👁

Simple idea: a place/thread where users can share, give feedback and improve upon their PhotoFlow’s pressets; hope it is OK with admin and @Carmelo_DrRaw :shaved_ice:

Braking the ice and to add to EGCM_03 and soft_guey ones ( I’ll bring those back here later); PhF_expandex_01.pfp (2.5 KB)

This is a presset intended for smaller “contrasty” images and octopuss.
It can be used with raw and larger files BUT dream smothing filter takes its tall.
First thing to enable it’s dream smothing inside TMsorta group layer, by default PhF disables it.
It takes PhF some time and processing power to update and cache this!!!
Good news is that once it’s done, PhF doesn’t “mess” with it anymore and export times are superfast :turtle:

Mind you examples here are all LQ jpegs. I’m a fanatic believer in the healing power of film grain, oh praise Silver Halide Lord!!! :stuck_out_tongue: It might be worth to mess with opacities and enable/disable clone, curves and invert layer masks.



1 - Beware colout shift could be introduced (!)
2 - Experimenting with gmic’s DS, in the way Pat David’s grain extract and merge with wavelets
3 - opt layers are exaclty that: optional adjustments, case you want to use a CLUT ( ‘cause of custom curves’ layer and for more control I split it in luma and chroma, also left and unchecked clone layer case you want to further limit its impact), sharpening and/or noise reduction ---- in a grade it’s quite common to apply NR after tweaking, nevertheless, here’s intended to paliate EV compensation of a darker image or high ISO side effects, change it to your heart’s content, share your magical alchemic powers with us :dancers:
4 - If you use scale and rotate (S&R) and you don’t want to update the dream smothing filter again, put S&R on top.


Wrapping up, 2 comparison grabs; left is original, right is conspurcated. Again remember I’m half blind, my cat has diabetes and I live in a house without central heating, if you’re gonna be mean, at least be funny :baby:

I totally forgot which CLUT was used here, sorry

Slight sharpening ( 25% SH layer) and turned down provia 100 LUT, in colour transfer leggings


SOURCED images
Wiki lovely girl
and ( both 1920x1280 px)


A last couple poor examples with a 32bit image =)

RPP => 32b tif => PhF - colour conversion + expandex (DS - linearlight) + Fuji Provia 100F

RPP => 32b tif LUT => PhF - colour conversion + expandex (DS - linearlight) + adjustm + NR

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If the presets are text files and not binary (can’t tell since I’m on mobile), I’d be happy to have them in the scripts repo on the pixls github.

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They’re text :rainbow:

<preset version="5">
  <layer name="buffer" id="1" visible="1" expanded="1" normal="1" extra_inputs="">
    <operation type="buffer">
      <property name="intensity" value="1">
      <property name="grey_target_channel" value="Grey">
      <property name="rgb_target_channel" value="RGB">