Planetary imaging using Siril

Hello, I’m hoping to get some help on using Siri for planetary imaging. I’ve been using Siri for deep space, but planets are a new topic to me. I’ve tried to find online tutorials or videos but I can’t seem to find any. I’ve looked at the Siril online training and as far as I can see the planetary section is empty (usual planetary processing). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hello and welcome! I’m not sure it’s documented anywhere becuse it’s very basic compared to other software dedicated to planetary image processing. Siril only aligns images with a single point of reference, or with an average of the image, while the correct way to compensate atmospheric turbulence at these focal lenghts is to use multiple points. We were about to implement that but version 1.0 took too much work and time so it was postponed.

Until this is available, if someday it is, I recommend PlanetarySystemStacker, another free software initiative that rivals with the closed AutoStakkert!.